Radio City Hall

June 9, 2019

RADIO CITY HALL Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue at 1260 Avenue of the Americas, within Rockefeller Center, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Nicknamed the Showplace of the Nation, it is notable as the headquarters for the Rockettes, the precision dance company. Radio City Music Hall was… Read more

Where Are the Condors?

November 11, 2018

Always wanting adventure, this time we decided to go see the California Condors. Logically we headed to Los Padres National Forest and the Sespe Wilderness Area; the actual sanctuary is closed to the public, but the wilderness area is open for hiking. We entered Los Padres from Ojai and made… Read more

Stuck in LA Traffic

November 3, 2018

In the suffocation of Los Angeles traffic, in the countless hours lost commuting to and from, as we move along at a snail space, I started looking out the window. Looking at what Los Angeles has become in the 30+ years I’ve lived here. As I drove, I decided to… Read more

A Day In the Mojave Desert “Geologyzing”

September 9, 2018

Living in Los Angeles one can quickly forget the natural beauty that exists just outside of our city. Just “north” there are landscapes, formations, and a geologic historical record of California. One can say, figuratively and literally, that the state is molded by pressures and stresses; the results of which… Read more

Mammoth (Nothing More, Nothing Less)

August 25, 2018

Mammoth Lakes is not terribly far from Los Angeles (4 hour drive), but it feels worlds away. My folks joined us from Texas on this vacation; it was them that dragged us here for the first time (probably whining as we wondered why we could not stay home playing video… Read more

…And Up North We Go!!!

May 31, 2018

We finally scratched the itch and headed north to find more historical markers (…and enjoy some lovely scenery, picturesque sites, and great weather). Our intention was to view sites in Madera, Mariposa, and Toulounme counties…we ended up also in Calaveras and San Joaquin counties. In all we took out 48… Read more

Santa Clara and San Mateo: Silicon Valley and Nature Preserves

September 10, 2017

It was once said that “the coldest winter ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” (my fact-checker let me know Mark Twain did not say this). With that very hope in mind, we decided to escape the heat this weekend and hit San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Sadly,… Read more

Death Valley (with AC)

August 23, 2017

We spent four days meandering into and through Death Valley and it was a trip of lows and highs. Some of the lows: 68 degrees (Winterose at the Charcoal Kilns), 282 feet below sea level (Badwater), a flat tire coming down from Picacho Mines in Imperial County. Some of the… Read more

A Windy Week and Many Streets

April 5, 2017

I spent a week in Chicago for work and in between meetings and conferences I had a chance to take in the sights –and there were a lot! Those sights are massive in dimension –be it Lake Michigan or any of the many (many) skyscrapers. I took the liberty of going… Read more

Find a Desert and Get Lost

February 26, 2017

Over the long president’s day weekend we found ourselves in Anza –a place that captivated our imaginations the first time we visited. We stayed at La Casa del Zoro which was the best decision we could have made. It is centrally located, has plenty of restaurants, and the grounds are just splendid… Read more

Boston in 2 days: all you can eat, all you can walk…

October 29, 2016

Ended up in Boston on a business trip and had a few days to see the town. What I did not realize was how close together and “walk-able” everything is. In one day I managed to see all that I had initially put on my itinerary, which meant that I… Read more