Amador County was created by the California Legislature on May 11, 1854. The county later split into Amador, Calaveras, and El Dorado Counties. It was organized on July 3, 1854. In 1864, part of the county’s territory was given to Alpine County.

The county is named for José María Amador, a soldier, rancher, and miner, born in San Francisco in 1794, the son of Sergeant Pedro Amador (a Spanish soldier who settled in California in 1771) and younger brother to Sinforosa Amador.

In 1848, Jose Maria Amador, with several Native Americans, established a successful gold mining camp near the present town of Amador City. In Spanish, the word amador means “one who loves”. Some of the Mother Lode’s most successful gold mines were located in Amador County, including the Kennedy, Argonaut, and Keystone.


#28: Maiden’s Grave
#29: Volcano
#30: Lancha Plana
#31: Drytown
#34: Pioneer Hall
#35: Oleta (Old Fiddletown)
#36: Middle Bar
#37: Clinton
#38: Irishtown
#39: Butte Store
#40: Kirkwood’s
#41: Big Bear
#118: Jackson Gate

#322: Sutter Creek
#470: Plymouth Trading Post
#506: The Community Methodist Church of Ione
#662: Old Emmigrant Road
#715: Site of First Amateur Astronomical Observatory of Record in California
#762: D’Agostini Winery
#786: Argonaut and Kennedy Mines
#788: D. Stewart Co. Store
#865: Site of Jackson’s Pionner Jewish Synagogue
#867: Preston Castle
#1001: California Native American Ceremonial Roundhouses, Chaw Se’ Roundhouse
#1007: Knight Foundry


Black Chasm
Armory (Town of Volcano)
Bavarian Brewery (Town of Volcano)
Butcher Shop (Town of Volcano)
Cigar Emporium (Town of Volcano)
Clutte Building (Town of Volcano)
Confectionary (Town of Volcano)
Dondero (Town of Volcano)
General Store (Town of Volcano)
Georges Fountain (Town of Volcano)
Harry Bluett Liversedge (Town of Volcano)
Hydraulic Monitor (Town of Volcano)
Jail (Town of Volcano)
Kelly & Symmonds (Town of Volcano)
Masonic Hall (Town of Volcano)
Moose Milk (Town of Volcano)
Old Abe (Town of Volcano)
Old Sing Kee Store / 1854 (Town of Volcano)
Pine Grove (Town of Volcano)
Post Office (Town of Volcano)
Starr King Bell (Town of Volcano)
Theater (Town of Volcano)
Union Square (Town of Volcano)