Pioneering Eastern Sierra skier, visionary and entrepreneur, Dave McCoy’s passion for skiing began in high school and soon thereafter he joined the Eastern Sierra Ski Club. In 1936, Dave was hired by LADWP as a hydrographer, conducting snow surveys while skiing across the Eastern Sierra. Realizing the region had abundant snowfall, Dave began to dream of developing a ski area in the Eastern Sierra. In 1938, he built the region’s first permanent rope tow at McGee Mountain. In 1941, Dave and his wife Roma relocated to Mammoth Mountain, erecting the first lodge in 1947. Mammoth Mountain ski area was officially incorporated in 1955 and Dave served as its leader for the next 50 years, expanding and improving the facilities into a world class ski resort. Due to his vision, efforts and commitment to skiing in the Eastern Sierra, the name Dave McCoy will be forever linked to Mammoth Mountain and the growth of Southern Mono County.

• Notable Individual
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