The present-day site of El Dorado County was once home to the Maidu, Washoe, and Miwok Native American tribes, and is notable for being the site of the 1848 gold discovery that sparked the California Gold Rush. The County of El Dorado was one of California’s original 27 counties created effective February 18, 1850. Its name is derived from the Spanish meaning “the gilded/golden”.

The final segments of the Pony Express mail route ran through El Dorado County until its replacement with the telegraph service in 1861; U.S. Highway 50 follows the Pony Express route today.

NameNational LandmarkState LandmarkPoint of InterestOther Designation
Hangman's TreeN/A141N/AN/A
Studebaker's Shop, Site ofN/A142N/AN/A
Marshall MonumentN/A143N/AN/A
Marshall's Blacksmith shopN/A319N/AN/A
Shingle SpringsN/A456N/AN/A
Old Dry Diggins - Old Hangtown - PlacervilleN/A475N/AN/A
El Dorado (Originally Mud Spings)N/A486N/AN/A
Diamond SpringsN/A487N/AN/A
Gold Discovery SiteN/A530N/AN/A
Site of California's First Grange HallN/A551N/AN/A
Mormon IslandN/A569N/AN/A
Negro HillN/A570N/AN/A
Salmon FallsN/A571N/AN/A
Condemned BarN/A572N/AN/A
Mormon Tavern - Overland Pony Express Route in CaliforniaN/A699N/AN/A
El Dorado - Nevada House (Mud Springs) - Overland Pony Express Route in CaliforniaN/A700N/AN/A
Placerville - Overland Pony Expres Route in CaliforniaN/A701N/AN/A
Pleasant Grove House - Overland Pony Express Route n CaliforniaN/A703N/AN/A
Sportman's Hall - Overland Pony Express Route in CaliforniaN/A704N/AN/A
Moore's (Riverton) - Overland Pony Express Route in CaliforniaN/A705N/AN/A
Webster's (Sugar Loan House) - Overland Pony Express route in CaliforniaN/A706N/AN/A
Strawberry Valley House - Overland Pony Exrpess Route in CaliforniaN/A707N/AN/A
Yanks StationN/A708N/AN/A
Fridays StationN/A728N/AN/A
Coloma Road-RescueN/A747N/AN/A
Coloma Road-ColomaN/A748N/AN/A
Methodist Episcopal ChurchN/A767N/AN/A
Wakamatsy Tea and Silk Farm ColonyN/A815N/AN/A
Site of Echo SummitN/A1048N/AN/A
Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge40000141051N/AN/A
Emerald BayN/AN/ANational Natural LandmarkState Park