History and Map

Gold mining was a major industry through the 1880s, gradually residents turned to farming the, harvesting timber and working for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The cornerstone of Placer’s beautiful and historic courthouse. Roseville, once a small agricultural center, became a major railroad center and grew to the county’s most populous city after Southern Pacific Railroad moved its railroad switching yards there in 1908.

Loomis and Newcastle began as mining towns, but soon became centers of a booming fruit-growing industry, supporting many local packing houses. Penryn was founded by a Welsh miner, Griffith Griffith, who turned from mining to establish a large granite quarry. Rocklin began as a railroad town and became home to several granite quarries. Lincoln and Sheridan continue to support ranching and farming. Lincoln also is the home of one of the county’s oldest businesses, the Gladding, McBean terra cotta clay manufacturing plant established in 1875.

State Historical Landmarks

#397: Town of Dutch Flat
#398: Yankee Jim’s
#400: Virginiatown
#401: Iowa Hill
#402: Town of Michigan Bluff
#403: Emigrant Gap
#404: City of Auburn
#405: Town of Gold Run
#463: Ophir
#780.1: First Transcontinental Railroad – Roseville