Plumas County was formed in 1854.

Miners were attracted to Plumas County largely due to the wild tales of a man named Thomas Stoddard, whose claims of stumbling onto a lake lined with gold nuggets while lost in the wilderness attracted gold hungry prospectors to the area. Hopeful miners scoured the glacial lakes but could not find the alleged lake of gold.

Towns quickly sprung up around successful mining areas, including Rich Bar, Indian Bar, and Rabbit Creek (now La Porte). The Feather River, named by Spanish explorer Captain Luis Arguello as “Río de las Plumas” in 1820, was the site of many of these settlements.


#184: Peter Lassen Marker (Site of Lassen Trading Post)
#196: Jamison City, Eureka Mills, Johnstown, and The Famous Eureka Mine
#197: Buck’s Lake
#212: Pioneer Grave (Grizzly Creek)
#213: Rabbit Creek Hotel Monument
#231: Elizabethtown
#336: Beckwourth Pass

#337: Rich Bar
#479: Site of American Ranch & hotel
#480: Site of Plumas House
#481: Spanish Ranch and Meadow Valley
#625: Pioneer Schoolhouse
#723: Pioneer Ski Area of America, Johnsville