The site of the present City Hall was donated to the City in 1922 by Walter P. Te m p l e. His father, Francis Pliny Fiske Temple traveled by ship “ A round the Horn” to California in 1841 to join his brother who had opened the first mercantile store in Los Angeles. Francis later married Margarita Workman. Her father, William Workman, organized with James Rowland the first wagon train to Southern California over the Santa Fe Trail, a rriving in 1841. The Temple – Workman families we re involved in much of the history and development of this area ,including the founding of Temple City and donation of land for public use in many of the nearby towns. The millstone near the City Hall steps commemorates the Chapman Mill, built nearby in 1823 by Joseph Chapman, a New Englander captured first by pirates and then by the Spanish in California. His skill at building dams and mills was invaluable to the Fathers here and at other Missions.

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