Bend City, a population center in the middle 1860s, was designated as the seat of Coso County, but the county was never formed. It was here that the first county bridge across Owens River was constructed. The 1872 earthquake changed the course of Owens River, so the site of Bend City was near an empty ravine instead of on a river bank.

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Built originally as a stagecoach depot in 1866, it evolved into a railroad station in 1883 to carry freight and passengers on the Carson & Colorado Railroad line, known locally as the “Slim Princess”. It served the Independence community from 1883 until it was closed during the Great Depression on June 29, 1932. The station was torn down in 1955 and the railroad line ceased operation on April 30, 1960.

It was first named Independence, then changed to Citrus and finally Kearsarge Station in 1913. Along side the station depot was a residence for the section boss and a bunkhouse for the workers.