During the heyday of Lake Mining District (1877-1881) there emerged one premiere drinking establishment: The Temple of Folly. It was the brainchild of Andrew J Murphy, who in October 1879 purchased the clothing store of Reinstien and Wolf, located on Main Street in the center of Mammoth City, transforming it into a first class saloon and resort. ‘Rock and rye’ was its specialty drink, quoted to be a guaranteed remedy for all coughs and colds. Other noted amenities include a reading room and circulating library (stocked with books from Murphy’s private collection). Unfortunately, within a few months, the local mines faltered and on November 14, 1880, a devastating fire destroyed half the town forcing Murphy to relocate to Bishop, where he opened a new Temple of Folly. Although its existence was brief, Mammoth’s Temple of Folly typified the pioneer spirit of those first residents on the eastern Sierras and will forever be associated with the first days of Mammoth Lakes.

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