The name of this cemetery, established before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter, reflects the controversy that brought on the Civil War. On March 16, 1859, the purchase of six acres was consummated but the cemetery association, not being a corporate body, did not take title to the property. Instead it was deeded ‘to John B. Weller, Governor of California and his successors in office . . . in trust for the use and benefit of the Union Cemetery Association of San Mateo County.

• Civil War Cemetery
• National Historic Site (83001237)
• State Historical Site (816)
Visited: 09/04/2017

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This reconstructed windmill was originally built in the 1890’s on the George Solari family farm which was located near Whipple Avenue and Old County Road in Redwood City. When the area was subdivided in the 1930’s, the windmill was moved to the new family farm located near Woodside Road and Middlefield Road.

In 1990, the windmill was relocated to Garfield School as part of a new agricultural program. In order to save the windmill from demolition, Jean Cloud and Jeri Joseph-Hover encouraged the city of Redwood City to relocate the windmill to the city’s maintenance yard in June 2000. In 2006, the Union Cemetery site was approved as the new home of the Solari Windmill. The final phase of reconstruction was started in early 2007. Redwood Parlor #66 of the Native Sons of the Golden West refurbished the water tank house which was moved to the Union Cemetery site on May 18, 2007. This project was completed with the support of a number of local volunteers and community donations.