The La Salle Bank Theater, one of the principal live-performance theaters in the Loop, is located in the base of this building. The theater was used for vaudeville acts and occasionally as a cinema during its early years. Since World War II it has hosted touring Broadway shows. Some of the famous performers who have appeared on stage here include Eddie Foy, Harry Houdini, Lily Langtry and Mabel McKinley. The theater originally opened in 1906 as the Majestic Theater, after its namesake encompassing building, The Majestic. Forced to close during the Great Depression, the theater was purchased by the Shubert Organization in 1945, remodeled, and reopened as the “Sam Shubert Theater.” By some sources, it was once Chicago’s tallest building.

• Chicago Landmark
Visited: 03/26/2017
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