Name: Rand Mining District
Site Number: #938
Date Visited: 02/13/2016
Other Designation: None
Plaque Status: State Marker
Location: 161 Butte Ave, Randsburg, CA 93554
Coordinates: 35.3681251,-117.655287
Website: N/A

Description: The Yellow Aster, or Rand, mine was discovered in April 1895 by Singleton, Burcham, and Mooers. The town of Randsburg quickly developed, followed by the supply town of Johannesburg in 1896. Both names were adopted from the profusion of minerals resembling those of the ranch mining district in South Africa. In 1907, Churchill discovered tungsten in Atolia, used in steel alloy during World War I. In June 1919, Williams and Nosser discovered the famous California Rand Silver Mine at Red Mountain.