Founded in 1904 as Goodsprings Junction, a station on the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad, Jean received its current name in 1905 when the post office was opened. It was named in honor of Jean Fayle, the wife of George Fayle who had built a mercantile business and had the post office in his store. The town enjoyed some growth with the building of the Yellow Pine Mining Company Railroad from Goodsprings to connect with the railroad here in 1911. By the time the Yellow Pine railroad was torn up in 1930, Jean was a stop for travelers on Highway 91 (today’s I-15). Peter A. “Pop” Simon created a new motel-store-gas station-casino complex here called Pop’s Oasis in 1947. It was a favorite stop for many and lasted until 1988. In 1987, the Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall opened, and continues to serve the traveling public.

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The first automobile road to connect Las Angeles and Las Vegas was the Arrowhead Trail Highway. Planned, promoted and built beginning in the second decade of the twentieth century, this was one of the named interstate highways of the Good Roads movement. The arrowhead Trail Highway eventually connected Los Angeles, across the desert to Las Vegas, and then north to Salt Lake City. The road was later numbered Highway 91, and parts of the road are now Interstate 15. The final route of the Arrowhead Highway entered Nevada at today’s Primm, and followed a dirt route just south of today’s I-15 to Jean, where it followed the old road to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas it became Fifth Street, and later Las Vegas Boulevard. You can still follow the 1920s route from Jean through Las Vegas, by taking Las Vegas Boulevard from here.