Although we are always sad to leave, a part of the fun is discovering more about a site we’ve visited. Most National, State, and Local Parks and Landmarks & Historical Sites have a visitor center. What trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit?

The internet is by far our greatest source of information –it helps cross check and validate information. Its very essence (that vastness of information) is also a detriment when trying to discover pointed and site/topic specific information. Lets face it, we cannot live on a wikipedia diet alone!

Park Rangers, Docents and Volunteers at those locations are a wealth of insight and the book section of those Visitor Centers are typically specific to that site/park –in other words, curated reading lists. 

Below is a list/summary of books that I picked up at these visitor centers through our many travels, and I highly recommend and encourage that you do too. Many of these are specific to an area/region and therefore immeasurably helpful resources. Enjoy the insight and perspectives provided by these authors.


California Geology & Natural History

Biographies & Auto-Biographies

United States History

General History

History & Sociology